The growing demand for this new cryptocurrency has made its value to trip many times, although it has also experienced accused decreases. The 700,000 bitcoins collected by Trendon T. Shavers had a value of 3.5 million euros in 2011. Currently, its value is already nearly 70 million euros.

The Committee on safety and values of America believes that the accused used their investments to pay new investors until it was discovered the pyramid business. Shavers was able to transfer to your account more than 150,000 bitcoins, which paid the rent, food, drink and even gambling. When it announced the closure of Bitcoin Savings and Trust claiming it couldn't with the avalanche of investors that continued to grow, many began to suspect until it caught the attention of the authorities. The Committee on safety and values of North America looking for now the freezing of the accounts of the accused and in the future could be you legal sanctions.

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The first major scandal splashed the currency of Internet, the Bitcoin, who is facing his first big fraud. A U.S. citizen has been accused by the Commission of security and values have created a pyramid scam as you did in your day Bernard Madoff, sentenced in 2009 to 150 years in prison. Although the amount of money is much less than the one in this case, it is particularly curious that you have made with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The confidential published the accusation of fraud made against Trendon T. Shavers, KcKinney (Texas) by the Committee on safety and values of North America. The defendant created a fund called the Bitcoin Savings and Trust, which promised investors a return of 7 of the investment weekly. Between the years 2011 and 2012, this promise helped him to capture some 700,000 bitcoins.

Bitcoins: the End of Money As We Know it - Torsten Hoffmann (2015) This is a film that definitely everyone should see, since it not only speaks of Bitcoins, but money. The documentary shows from the origin, changes and other milestones in the history of money, until the current financial scheme led by banks and Governments.

Through a series of interviews with several characters of the Bitcoins, of global finance and programmers ecosystem; the film, narrated by John Barrett, explains how the current financial system damaged the global economy and why Bitcoins has the potential to be the alternative for change. This documentary is considered the best envelope today by its great performance and pedagogy, Bitcoins on CriptoNoticias invite all our readers to see him and expose a number of reasons to reinforce such an invitation. Without a doubt, it is a well done film with good visuals and a good script that keeps us always tuned to the screen.